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If you ask me, I think the forums are just perfect the way they are. With possibly the exception of Ladder Discussion - consisting of it''s single thread.

I think maybe we could combine certain forum things, such as:

General Discussion and Chit Chat: Could be squashed together into one forum I suppose.
RvS and SWAT tactics: Could be made into one Tactics forum, since a lot of the fundamental basics are similar, and neither are used extensively.
(Possibly) NCO forum and Members forum: But again, if you ask me I''d rather keep them seperate.

Well anyway, I think we should keep the same, but obviously if that''s not the view of other people, change them...no problem. I just think there may be a compromise between what we have now and what you suggested. Maybe, eventually i could accept that now we have to many, but I think what you suggest won''t cover everything.

Sorry if I sound like a pain in the arse, I don''t mean to be....