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I visit firehouse.com regularly. On that site they have monthly quizes related to fire/ems operations. I was thinking we could have the same concept on the site. Somewhere on the site we could have a ten question, multiple-choice, monthly quiz that would quiz us on our tactics sop''s. For instance:

1. When is the proper time to reload your weapon?
A. Reload after every engagement.
B. Reload after firing five bullets.
C. Reload only when you''re magazine is completely empty.
D. Reload only when there are two bullets left in your magazine.

There would be ten questions like that. I was thinking the quiz would be strictly voluntary. One downside to it is that people could easilly cheat on it, by visiting the tactics section of the site.

I think that the people who do take the monthly quizes and who do not cheat, will increase their understanding of our tactics in game. So it could be very beneficial to us.

Good idea? Bad idea?