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The first ever [SAS] Live Day is underway now, and progressing nicely. Details of progress can be found at sasclan.freehosting.net which is the Live-ops website.

To members: Read the events on the website, and I hope to see you for more ops all day Saturday (GMT), ops will begin at around 11:30am GMT.

To non-members: Take a look at the website to see the kinds of operations we run and the fun we have. If you like the sound of it then JOIN!! A live-operation is a mission that is set up to be as real as possible. There is an intelligence briefing before the mission, then the team gets just one attempt at the mission, and then the outcome of the mission affects world events. The Live Day is special - it''s a whole series of live-ops in a single day. There is a fictitious storyline and full intelligence briefings all the way. Read my posts in the Live-Ops forum and see the live-ops website (above) for more details.