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I don''t know about the rest of you, but I''m kinda disappointed with the selection of secondary weapons in Raven Shield. The most common pistol, and arguably the best pistol in the game, is the Mk23 or the Beretta M92. Both are good -- I just like variety.

The SPP blows. The AP Army leaves a lot to be desired and is only decent when unsilenced. The USP is alright, but isn''t my kind of sidearm. Desert Eagles aren''t tactical pistols by any stretch of the imagination, especially the .50 version.

Looking through Rvsgaming.com, I believe it was, I came across a mod called Masiro''s Pistol Modification. It runs fine, near as I can tell, all of the pistol''s look fantastic, and you can turn it on or off if you want to play on standard servers. It adds the following pistols:

Glock 17
Sig Sauer P-226

I''ve been messing around with all of them in single player and I can''t say I dislike any of them. All have their shortcomings but their redeeming qualities more than make up for whatever recoil or range issue you may run into. Plus it doesn''t hurt that every pistol is very well rendered in the game.

Just thought I would make this mod known to others, SAS or not, in an effort to convince someone in the authoritive position to consider adding this to Server #2 or something. At least until the SDK is released.