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Ok how about a place in members section where evry PR and Rct has a thread, and members can put there view in the thread so I know who is a PR and what others think of them. I know u can kinda put stuff in the promotion forum but would be good to a place private from the non members, also u could make it strictly for comments about the player, and ask people to update what they think of the players progression. U could then have a running track of how a players getting on.

Continuing this is a run off idea, you could have a trooper 1 in the Officers forum and a NCO''s 1 in the GCHQ forum. Of course i ant so keen on this 1 as it would mean me been spied upon.

Then when sum becomes a member/ gets promoted, they could either get to see their thread or it could be deleted so they never see it.

Anyway just an idea.