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The idea is to design maps which each test a particular tactical skill. Then for example if it''s designed for a two-man team, people sign-up their pairing for the competition.

The competition is held one evening, each team is scored over say 3 rounds. Scoring could be by time taken or on accuracy etc depending on what the map is designed to test.

There could be a little league of the scores, or we could just do rankings for each event.

The first idea I have for a map is one to test your reflexes at identifying your target. There''s a long hallway, and on either side there are small office rooms (like 15 or 20 maybe) at irregular intervals with doors closed. In each room there could be:
a) Tangos who must be killed.
b) Hostages who must not be killed.
c) Gutierrezes who must be captured.
The team moves down the hallway and by whatever tactics they choose, enter and clear each room. The objective is to kill all the tangos while not shooting hostages or gutierrezes. The team gets three runs on the map and their fastest time is taken as the score. There''s two per team so people can sign up in pairs for the competition.

I am happy to make the maps, run a sign-up, and run the competition one evening. It could be really fun.

So what do you think?