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Greetings SAS Officers, Members and forum visitors....

I have some experience using a program called "TEMP TANGO". Some of you may have read about this program.. some not. What it does is allow a server to set up an adversarial game where one team appears in RVS operative skins and the other team shows up in Terrorist skins.

Now many of us, perhaps all, have played adversarial at some point in time and many can agree it is just another way to play the game. What if we could make it the ultimate training tool for SAS members to train.

Picture it.... one highly trained team working together... much like SAS members do now... everything on the RVS operative side would remain the same... but now on the side of the tangos... things start to change... no longer can players simply display their knowledge of where the tangos are located on the map... now those tangos would be human players also... free to move where they want... engage at will, not just simply stand and await your arrival... the tangos would be free to try and set up ambushes or traps... starting to picture the possiblities.... I am!

Now there would not be 40 tangos to hunt down.... (but with creative thinking you can set up hostage rescues)... but try getting 8 tangos whose skills may or may not exceed that of an Elite AI tango.... a tango that knows your tactics and will respond in unpredictable ways... a tango that will not be standing in a predetermined or predictable position doing nothing while you calmly shoot him down with your SD weapon! Got your attention... I hope so.

I have played this several times on a peer to peer MOB server... and it can be done to any map with little effort. Please give me your thoughts on this topic....

Is this something that the SAS community would be interested in? Lets hear what you think positive and negative...

Enforcer Out.