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Greetings all SAS,
I had the opportunity to play Ravenshield on your server and with several of your team members last night for about 4 hrs (yes i am married and yes she knows about my passion for this game Smile ). It was fantastic!!
I would like to take a moment to thank all SAS members who came and went during the night. I learned so much about the game that I did not know, I don''t have space here to describe it. Who knew you could make plans on the map itself (F4). I used to do it just from memory-and poorly at that. Nor do I understand how a couple of members got so much enjoyment by just doodling on it Lol .lol. I would like to thank two SAS memebrs in particular for taking time out of their personal time and gaming to help Enforcer and I out and to show us the tactics that the SAS use. It was great. So thank you SAS LCpl Taris and SAS LCpl Mamal for ruining your fun to increase the enjoyment of 2 others. I also would like to compliament the SAS for their conduct during the evening, as they all showed patience and understanding both when I screwed something up, or other non-members screwed up. You showed a lot more restraint than even Enforcer and I did when we ran a server. We usually gave a gamer 3 chances to do as told before we kicked him!!
I hope to play Ravenshield with SAS again and for some time to come.
Thanks to all.