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last night i was just messing on with consol commands and i stumbled on a video recorder built in to raven shield
so sorry glock m8 you dont realy need fraps BUT it might be better to use because you get the worst frame rate with the RvS one if one of you can figure it out im not sure:

to start recording footage you just type:

startrecord in the consol

and to stop it you type

stoprecord in the consol

now because the frame rate gets that bad when you start recording it gets a bit like typing blind

now to stop recording you press the consol button only once and type "stoprecord" and then hit enter
but you wont be able to see the consol apear on the screen after it has started because the frame rate is that low
hens why i said "typing blind" if any of u guys figure out how to operate it properly will you pleas let me no so i can use it too have fun with it

oh yeh and to get the footage you recorded just go in to screen shots and there will be a file there called AVI that is the file wich your video fottage is stored in Smile

=RÇ=Fang Smile