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Hey guys, i have been thinking for a while now about what im gonan say in the next few paragraphs.

I respect you guys and your clan. I have ran redcell clan for a while and we are primarily a adversariel clan, and you guys are a coop clan, and u have your shit together, my clan has its shit together also, But im looking to expanD.

Offer --------------------- Clan merger, my clan merges into SAS AND puts on there tags, SAS(A) so that were known as the adv. players of SAS. and the regular coop playerd o a SAS© .

But i udnerstand if u wouldnt want to, we would definetly take your rank structure into hold, but since im the leader of redcell i would need some rank in the adv. side of things.

Please let me knwo what you guys think, cause im very intersted in doing this, you guys have a good website and forums, and i think our two clans would mix well, we have awesome players in both area, and new games like ghost recon 2 are coming out where we could expand even more.

HOnestly the reason i want to do this is because im sick of doing all the work in my clna, nobody does shit but plays, i have a few guys that help but its just getting old, and i like your style and you guys know i work with teamwork also, we could defiently do lots of training together, i am very well versed in cqb and long range tactics, if you guys take this into consideration please let me know.