for the 12th time in SAS History

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for the 12th time in SAS History

And for the 1st time in the 22nd EVR's history, upon complete satisfaction of the requirements for award;

I hereby bestow [SAS] Troop Captain, and former Commanding Officer, and our friend,



Congratulations, and thank you...any objections to the award being presented to Random will be rewarded with a free psychiatric evaluation and admission to the Correctional Facility of Random's choice Twisted

P.S. Happy belated Birthday

The true Victoria Cross has been awarded only 11 times since 1945 (the last two times being in the Falklands War in 1982). This is the highest level award that a member may earn. This award is meant to distinguish someone as being one of the best in the history of our team. These individuals are held up as the example for others to aspire to. It is an extreme honor to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

Awarded for:
1. selflessly puts team goals ahead of personal agenda
2. displays uncommon leadership and moral values
3. capable of acheiving team goals in the face of adversity through extraordinary personal effort, sacrifice, leadership or all of the above
4. exemplifies maturity, discipline and professionalism in all situations

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