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Guys that was good games . but i noticed u got ticked at some of the games.

This is totally different then coop, we used to paly coop i know.

I started redcell as a coop clan,k but i moved to adv. because the teamwork is way harder, and its way more fun for me.

This is run and gun tactics, we use lots of teamwork and practice, we practicce alot in this arena of adv.
I just wanted to clear it up, its two totally different gtame plays, i knew u were gonna get aggrevated when u palyed us, even before we started.

It happens, we move quick and fast, and hit HARD.

we dont take our time, becuase we know the maps and how to hit and where to hit, and how to communicate on the go.

SO please keep playing and practicng, and i loved playin with u all.It was awesome fun and good practice on pilot, i dont ever paly it, but u showed me it was fun.

So if u would liek to PLAY SAS and RC together sometime please let me knwo guys, see yah laterz mates.