Guidance for Admins

With the granting of Troopers admin rights, I'd like to make a little statement of how I handle things. I want people to have a good example of how to handle things in the server.

Case 1

An SAS member wants a spot, server is full.

1. Ask for a volunteer to leave and give their spot to the SAS member.
"I'm sorry but a spot is needed for an SAS member. Is there a volunteer to leave the server?"

2a. Someone volunteers.
"Thank you XYZ, you are welcome to come back later."

2b. No one volunteers. "I will need a volunteer, or I will select someone to leave. If you don't leave, I will need to kick you to make a slot."

3. Picking a player to kick. Annoyances first, then pick people who are in the minor element. Pick the man from the minor element who joined the server last. If there is no minor element, pick the last person to join the server.

4. Kick the player. Tell the member that a spot is opened.

5. Someone else joins the server before the member joins. Tell him he took a members spot and request him to leave.
"XYZ, you are occupying a slot we created for a member. I'm sorry but you will have to leave."
If he doesn't leave, first make sure the member is ready to click in. When the member is ready, kick the player and tell the member to join.

Case 2

Player 1 team killed Player 2. Now P2 is planning revenge.

1. Tell both player to stop.

2. Be strict and be aggressive.

(Good practice is to set up your kick, spec, ban commands in advance so you will be ready at a moment's notice to take action. Enter the command by typing it into console with a bogus player number so you need only open the console, press backspace and enter the proper player number)

Case 3

You try to lay out a plan but people are chatting away about nothing mission related. It's obvious they are not focused.

1. Be firm.
"Please stop typing chat unless it's mission related until the planning is complete! Thank you."

2. If it continues...
"The next person to type any chat unrelated to the plan will be kicked"

3. Take action if it persists.

Case 4

You have a multiple team killer or a spawn killer.

1. Restart the round.

2. Tell the person why you are now going to kick them.
"If you come back and misbehave, you will be banned."

3. Kick him.

4. He comes back without improvement in behavior, ban him.

Your duty as admin is to maintain order on the Proving Ground.
To do this, it's important that you nip troubles in the bud. If you see that people get aggressive or when people go against the server rules, warn them and direct them to the server rules. ("XYZ, please stop it. Action A is against the server rules")
Be fair and consistent at all times. Therefore it's important to give people a chance to surrender before kicking. The only thing that justifies a instant kick is a purpose massive team kill or other trolling behavior. EVERYTHING ELSE should start as a notification or a warning.

If someone comes back under a different name, you should then ban him. He only changed names to get another opportunity to wipe you all out or troll some more.

Only ban when there is no chance for this person to willingly comply with server rules.

Main Message: Be strict and aggressive to maintain order in the server.
Only uses kick when necessary or deserved.
Also kick "threats" can be effective to help gain control. Any threat to kick should contain a formal warning notice.
Bans are only valid if he is a general TROUBLEMAKER/TROLL who's been conspicuous before.

I hope you have gained some insight on how to handle situations and that members take my actions as example and/or help people to be good admins.