SWAT PG server settings?

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SWAT PG server settings?

Hey guys,

I wanted to play some games on the PG in SWAT recently with some other guys.. So we went on it but it had some really strange settings like:

Maximum team spread 2
Spawnkill protection
Respawning when you are down

As SAS is known to keep the most realism, I doubt this was set on purpose

So well... what's up with that? Is it gonna be changed to the old settings?

SAS Rocks!!! Smile

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Yeah they will be. They switched from Gez's Mod to Mark's Mod and the guys are still trying to figure out how to change the server settings with the new admin mod. At least that's what I was told when I was on PG a few days ago.

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The teamspread and respawning should be fixed (change log was posted in a private forum earlier this week). We put the server up for testing before having the mod totally configured, to make sure it worked ;).

If there's any problems remaining, please send a message to servers at sasclan dot org. The only thing I remember off the top of my head, that's left to do, is set up the responses for affecting teammates, i.e. missing a grenade toss.