Emergency Rally Point on the internet if the site is down

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Emergency Rally Point on the internet if the site is down

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently, we have experienced two periods with down time on this site. If it unexpectedly happens again, there is an emergency solution for the SAS.

In JAN 2007, SAS_VET_Shied set up a backup clan community site at xfire.com, with simple forums for communication.

These are pages by invite only. So far, only RCTs and up in the SAS have access. So if you have the SAS tags, and for some reason sasclan.org is down, report to the alternative rally point. I think I managed to reach all with tags with an invitation the last few days. If I by accident forgot anyone -- I apologize and let me know.


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I don't mean to be a jerk, but shouldn't our emergency rally point be a bunker full of twinkies and flash bangs?

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The twinkies are mine! Mine, I tell you!!

Join the Dark side! We have cookies!

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Geez, MB, slow down! You are likely to bite a bang instead of a Twinkie and that would be.........fascinating to see.

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