Katana must derate his SWAT playing

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Katana must derate his SWAT playing

Guys, I had an awesome time the last two weeks, but I must say, that I won't have the time to play on the servers too often from this day forth.

The last two weeks I have been living in my cousin's place, because he was away on leave and I've got a pair of keys to his living.

Though, at home, I do have Internet, I only call a Laptop my own, which is not capable of running SWAT 4 tSS smoothly.

But sometimes (mostly in the evenings, or on the weekends, as I used to before) I'll bum around his place and then he'll let me play SWAT till I'm ***moderated by SAS_Sgt_Medic, reason, there are kids here reading also Wink ***

So: see you on the servers

P.S.: I meant I'll play till Sesame Street is over...

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That's too bad. I always enjoy churning out a few rounds with you. Hopefully you still won't be too much of a stranger for now on. See you on the server!

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cya mate

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Very unfortunate but hopefully see you online soon Katana!! Smile

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Thanks for update, Katana.

See you on the server when there is time... Lol

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