Awsome Sportsmanship!!!

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Awsome Sportsmanship!!!

Read the Article Please...Somethings are not always about Winning or Losing, Its about How YOU played the Game! Wink


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Thats how spots should be played (y) !!!

I remember watching ~last week a cake competition with a $10,000 prize plus a place at the couples engagement party to the victors cake.

One of the girls on the several two-worker teams passed out during the competition and was carted away for observation at the hospital. The other girl decided that she would continue as best she could alone even though there was a lot more to do, a couple of food network people would help her move it at the end.

A young man on one of the other teams came over and offered to help her finish her cake while his teammate finished their own cake for the challenge. After his teammate finished it, he to came over and helped her finish.

The competition ended with the three of them lifting the huge engagement cake to the judging table.

She had the best cake there imho but nether of the two teams won the prize -- but together they demonstrated what makes us human.

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What a nice thing to do.

I agree this is the way sports should be played. If a human being is in pain, help them.

Very noble.

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yFine read right there and some really good people too!!!

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ah yes such simple concepts make life so much better, yet it is so hard to find people who practice life like this. Too many people today are in it for themselves and the money. You find you get a lot more out of life, when you pass on your benefits and advantages to those who need it. I don't know if its just me, but seeing the gratitude and joy of another person is worth much more then money Biggrin haha, well maybe not exactly, but it sure is a hard to beat feeling

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A great thing to do, Very humble and Very Nice... I would have never thought to. (but then again my brain doesn't function that fast:P)

I hit an actual home run on Friday the 2nd and also this week I hit the Game Winning home run against a team we haven't beat in 2 years. Those are the only home runs I've hit and they weren't over the fence. (It's the running that did it for me:D)

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