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New SSF mod

A new SSF mod was released

New features include:

Unlimited wedges (99)
Added a new map to the campaign - Precinct HQ
Speed up the AI at deploying nades on room breeching
Made the nade launcher hold 6 rounds at a time
Nade launcher has been made less powerful
Ammo pouch adds ammo for primary and secondary weapons


Fixed the crash to desktop from SSF 3.1
Insta-rip delay halved from 0.5 sec to 0.25 sec


New custom made launcher application that will start Vanilla, TSS, and SSF mod
Launcher includes built in chat
Launcher includes built in access to new maps, these self install also
Launcher also handles all future updates of the mod

Unlimited wedges wtf? That's not very realistic. And if by insta-rip he means quickdraw speeded up, I'm a bit apprehensive about this new release.

I do like the fact he's integrated a custom content system.

The nade launcher with 6 nades sounds cool, and indeed such launchers exits, but with the current SWAT4 launcher model it might look a bit silly.

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At SSF 3.1 it is nice that one slot of wedges has 5 of them... Lol

Where is the truck to carry a few hundred wedges 8O Question

As long as we don't play the older SSF 3.1, well...

But this topic gives me the chance to point once again to the awesome


This is definitely a must play.



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The decrease in suspects time to shoot is probably a good thing given those figures if you play LAN games a lot lool.

The HK69, 40mm Grenade Launcher we get in TSS can only physically hold 1 round....


So I would really hope they changed the textures to a proper revolver-style grenade launcher like the Multiple Grenade Launcher family (M32 to the USMC)

When I worked on my experimental mod I made Wedges like 3x per slot and was trying to make Grenades 2x per slot with only 3 slots that could hold grenades.

I must admit, 99 Wedges per is unrealistic but boy does it give you extra room for grenades lol.

Personally I'd opt for the Canadian Force Direct Action Mod over SSF at this point Wink

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I'm quite surprised, are they sacrificing realism for gameplay?

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