Laughing my self silly

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Laughing my self silly

Computer Stupidities

Next best thing to the worlds biggest collection of dumb blonde/stupid guy jokes on the net haha!

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i have now a new favorite site and i must tell you that it takes wuite a bit to make that list, i only have like 14 give or take by 2

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I love this one:

When I was still in the military, back in 1999, I was on the Y2K compliance committee that the base formed. As part of my job, I was told to send a letter to every department on the base and receive a reply back from them on their preparation and readiness for Y2K. If they failed to respond, I was to follow up with another letter. If that didn't work, it would go to the Base Commander and he would get involved. Some fun right?

Well, the base had just had some new contracting work done. And I was told to include the people who'd done the work on the list.

This was the letter I got back from the contractors.

With regard to your letter concerning the effects of the "Y2K" phenomenon, it is our belief that the sewer lines we installed at your facility will continue to function in spite of any chronological tracking system's arbitrary recognition of any particular day, including but not limited to January 1, 2000, albeit, the Gregorian, ecclesiastical, or even the obscure Stonehenge-based Druidic Calendar.

However, should the sun's rise or setting on any day affect the Newtonian laws of physics with regards to the gravitational fields, then not only will we all either fly off into space, or be crushed into the Earth with unimaginable pressure, but the contents of the sewer main and the mains themselves will also be subjected to the same fate, or maybe not.

Please contact this office at extension XXXX if you require any additional information.