Mouse shows up in OFP,why?

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Mouse shows up in OFP,why?

ELLO! nice and simple question, when i start OFP, my mouse wont go away so i have 2 MOUSES! (mice) the game mouse and my windows mouse, i hade problems like this in the demo as well. What do i do?

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i have no idea mate. Have you tried their forums for support?

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Have you tried the basics yet?
--Control + Alt + Delete to see if it's just a carry over problem during resolution change?
--Changing the resolution ingame to see if the change will remove the glitch?
--Banged your computer in a tyrant rage until the screen turns blue?
--Yelled until you punch a hole through your wall?
--Looking at it and saying "Hmmmm"?
--Looking at it and saying "AHHHHHH, WHY GOD!!!? WHYYYYY!?"?

See if one of those work. :roll:
FYI, option 3 actually does work sometimes, but theres a slight chance (as slight a chance as cancer from chain smoking) that the PC will crash eternally.

OH, BTW, I finally reached level 10 in curveball Biggrin , happy days people...hhhhappy days, "quick, play the inspirational music!"

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Sometimes my (can't remember the name) goes black and i need to hit it on the side like an old TV Lol

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Happens to me all the time, i just go back to desktop and maximize the game window again.

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I've had the same problem. Friggen pain in the u know what.

Just do what snipe said. Should fix it.

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Click on the Operation Flashpoint icon, then double click anywhere else on the screen before the game launchers. That fixes it for me every time.