Gone... *Again*

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Gone... *Again*

Well it's that time of year for me... summer brings with it beautiful weather, women in skirts, and a new wave of criminals that love the summer crime spree. I'll be extremely busy for the month of July. I have recovered enough from my surgery now (even though i have an infection, thanks to whoever here jinxed me Wink ) to go back to work. I need to do my 4 times annual requalification at the range, then I have to attend a 2 week advanced tactics course, and then I'm just plain busy.

Feels like I'm abandoning my post virtually, but I will be glad to get back to you in August, most likely. Thanks for everything so far, and keep a spot open for me.

P.S. Ordered a few cases of Duvel and Newcastle at the nearby bar, but unfortunately I won't be able to dip into them until the pain medication in my system is all gone (that oxycodone is dangerous stuff, but boy does it work), thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to drink one for you... :glasses:

Have a great July, Happy 4th to my American bretheren :smokin:


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Thanks for giving us the update... hope your infection clears up quickly.

Do good on your qualifications... and dont go easy on the bad guys....

We will be here when you return.

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Thanks for keeping us informed Merge as per usual I-m so happy

Good luck and stay safe

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dont feel too discouraged as informing us like your fellow buddies and bosses at is is the right thing to do so dont feel too bad and just enjoy yourself

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Good luck, Have Fun, and Stay Safe.

And may the criminals be the next dental patients Biggrin

happy FOTJ to you too

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Yea take care Merge, don't shoot yourself in the toe at the shooting range. lol lol lol, that would hurt alot i bet, i hope your infection gets better

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