SWAT 4 keybinding

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SWAT 4 keybinding

Found this on a forum, I tought it was worth having a copy here


Getting alot of players wanting to know how I do the color chat whilst in game.

First thing you do is make a backup copy of your "User.ini" file found in C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System

Save the backup and edit your original.

Next open it up in notepad, usaully doubleclicking the file opens it up in notepad.

I have several chat messages bound to keys,

Suspect Right.

Suspect Left.

Suspect Ahead.

Looks Clear , Be Careful!!

Its Clear.

Officer Down!

These come up in bold and with color, sometimes one color, other times in several colors.

I take the key that I want to change, ie


And I change it to.

Left=teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]Suspect left (note take quotations out of bracketed b, had to put them in or this forum reads it as bold formatting here,lol)

This makes my "Left Arrow Key" say to my teams suspect left in red colored bold font.

I have my other arrow keys bound too the other suspect commands.

Up=teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]suspect in front.

Right=teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]Suspect right.

Down=teamsay ["b"][c=FFFF00]Looks clear, [c=FF0000]be careful

My "Its clear" is bound to "2" key due its close proximity to my "W" key and is easy hit whilst on the move.

2=teamsay ["b"][c=FFFF00]Its CLEAR.


A few other chat commands.

GreyPlus=teamsay ["b]"[c=FF0000]I am taking rear guard.

Enter=teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]Officer Down!

Shift=teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]Ok, Lets slow it DOWN!!

i=Teamsay ["b"][c=FF0000]Friendlies!!

l=Say ["b"][c=FF0000]LOL.


Here are some stat commands.

PageDown=stat fps

End=stat net

These will show your FPS and Ping.

The "Flush" command helps alleviate drops in frames per second

PageUp=Say [c=FF0000]Wait, gimme a sec, Flushing cache. | flush | OnRelease Say [c=FF0000]OK, Good To Go.

I have it set up so when I press the key I say "Wait, gimme a sec, Flushing cache.", The when I release the key I say "OK, Good To Go."

This way I press the the key down and hold it, and when the cache is flushed I release to say I'm good to go.


Another one I made is a multiple bind that crouches my officer, switches to the next fire mode, ie from burst to semi, and toggles my flashlight on.

N=ToggleCrouching 0 | NextFireMode | OnRelease ToggleFlashlight


Here is one that changes mousewheel up to deploy optiwand.

MouseWheelUp=CommandOrEquip Row_NumberKeys 9


Here is one that while ingame I can instantly drop out to the desktop.

GreyMinus=say Gotta go...later all. | quit


The_Doorman Out.

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Thanks, Rasa

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I reccoment you look up the color codes on line.

This is just a quick find: http://html-color-codes.com/
I used to use one that you used the mouse to go around the color wheel and it'd show the color on a display and give you the hex code for it.

Hex Code and Hex Color Wheel or something in search to find out more.