The Bradley. it's a troop carrier with anti-tank missiles!

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Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Sergeant Major
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The Bradley. it's a troop carrier with anti-tank missiles!

It's a troop carrier/scout/tank with anti-tank missiles!

Came across this gem of film from one of my lecturers about why sticking to a specific design is a good idea.


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"He's trusting you to do your job which is to clear that corner! Nothing else!"

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I'd want an antitank missile hat...

I will take one! Lol

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Was fun to watch.

Bradley - Flawed? Yes. Overpriced? Yes. But it's a multipurpose vehicle. Too bad the design is not aiding all of those capabilities properly otherwise it could have been one hell of a vehicle.

The idea of APC and tank blend is not new. In fact. Tanks are extremely vulnerable to attacks if there is no infantry to protect them. Having infantry around your tank is dangerous because enemy can blow the infantry with just one HE shell, or the tank itself can inflict injuries to the infantry nearby when firing, moving together is another issue, while tanks can go relatively fast troops can't. One without another don't go. An apc that can carry troops and act like a tank is a good idea because troops can deploy fast whenever necessary and the APC in question can provide a good fire support.

Best example of a successful design that combines APC, Tank and Rocket launcher capabilities? BMP3. It's almost like a tank, can pack a serious punch, has guided missiles, can carry good amount of troops, has relatively good armor, it is fast, it can float, and the best part? Compared to other armors of it's kind (there aren't many anyway) it's dirt cheap to produce. In fact, you can buy BMP3 on black marked for 80000 to 150000 EUR, with "watered down" versions having even lower prices.

What happens when armors have no infantry support -

Speed, Precision, Experience, Endurance. General System Tweak Guide

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Rofl, really nice vid Biggrin

But that's how modern engineering works. Some engineers develop something (a device, a vehicle or a software) which works efficiently and effective for it's purpose. And then some bosses come up with the "brilliant" idea to add a new "feature". As soons as that works, they want another feature. And another one. Ofc they don't care about the opinions of their engineers. The result is something with countless cool features...just almost unusable for the original purpose...