Breach & Clear on sale -85%

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Breach & Clear on sale -85%

Hey guys,

I hope it's not too late when you see this message but there's a game called "Breach & Clear" on Steam for 2.24 €. It looks a bit like Door Kickers. Just thought some of you might be interested!

Have fun Smile


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I think this game is old

I think this game is old enough ahah I've played the first game and really enjoyed it.

For those who play it, can take a look at some uniforms I've put up to the soldiers


By the way I've seen a really good movie I can recommend about 5 special forces soldiers who are retired and get an offer to kill a mexican drug baron while stealing his money and doing everything they can to escape with it... Good one. Name of the movie is Triple Frontier 2019


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I'm more a fan of door

I'm more a fan of door-kickers, personally. Gives me that old-school RVS mission planning vibes with the top-down plan-and-execute style. Being able to edit/give orders on the fly once the mission starts like in SWAT 4 is brilliant too.

But good to see you around, Neutrino and Wild!

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