[A3] Training and Mission 28/10/2017

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[A3] Training and Mission 28/10/2017

Who: 22nd SAS EVR, Friends, and Community
What: Training, followed by a mission.
When: Saturday, October 28th at 1800 UTC

  • Arrive early to Teamspeak. 1745 UTC
  • Arrive even earlier if you require assistance.
  • Training commences at 1800 UTC.
  • Ensure you can join the server, and that your modset is updated beforehand.
  • Arrive on time if you wish to join.

Where: SAS Training Ground 4, Arma 3

Extra Notes: -

Fluffy might not make it, I don't have any training prepped. Mb master you have something and if not we'll just move on to a mission that hopefully DC will finish by the 28th

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Lieutenant Colonel
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I got a mission ready. I hope

I got a mission ready. I'm at my parents today, should be there last minute

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Will be there, but I am on

Will be there, but I am on-call for emergencies (storm expected) Wink