George Cross

George Cross
Awarded for: 
  1. membership in excess of 3 years
  2. conduct at least 1 real Trooper tryout
  3. create at least 2 Live operations where mission objectives were achieved
  4. lead a "successful" Live Operation where mission objectives were achieved
  5. selflessly puts team goals ahead of personal agenda
  6. displays uncommon leadership and moral values
  7. capable of achieving team goals in the face of adversity through extraordinary personal effort, sacrifice and leadership
  8. exemplifies maturity, discipline and professionalism in all situations

The George Cross ranks with the Victoria Cross as the nation's highest award for gallantry, and was instituted in 1940 to recognise actions of supreme gallantry in circumstances for which the Victoria Cross was not appropriate. Thus, it may be awarded to civilians, as well as members of the Armed Forces for acts of gallantry not in the presence of the enemy, including, for example, military explosive ordnance disposal personnel. It was also famously awarded to the Island of Malta for its collective gallantry during the Second World War.