Directing Staff Member

Directing Staff Member
Awarded for: 

The Directing Staff (DS) designation is awarded to members who show a keen interest in teaching our Standard Operating Procedures to both Members and Prospective Members. Individuals interested in obtaining the DS designation and privileges should contact the RSM and indicate their interest in a training opportunity.

To earn a DS position, the member must complete the following:

  • Conducted at least one REAL tryout under direct supervision. 
  • Participated in at least 3 real or mock tryouts.
  • Brought at least one PR to Rct status.

Directing Staff are [SAS] members of various ranks who are designated by RSM with the authority to perform Trooper Tryouts. These members have demonstrated a perpensity for training related issues. Although any rank from Trooper on upwards can participate in a Tryout, only a Directing Staff (DS) member has the authority to conduct a tryout.