SAS Skins Package

Contains the following skins for SWAT 4 and its expansion:

SAS Black
    Standard black kit supporting all armours: version 3

SAS Sabre
    Serious gray uniform based on one of our old SWAT3 Sabre skins.
    Supports all armours, flashbangs not included Wink

SAS Trainer
    Designed to help Drill Instructors and various Training Officers.
    Supports all armours including 'tank' mode.

SAS Desert
    Based on the British Army DPM for Desert environments.
    Supports all armours but lacks room for canteens.

SAS Camo
    Based on the British Army DPM-95 camouflage uniform.
    Supports light and no armours; heavy armour is same as SAS Black.

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