SAS Mod v1.1 for SWAT 4 TSS

The main feature of SAS Mod is to give a completely new look at SWAT 4. It fixes, where possible, the main game bugs, and introducing new features. The SAS mod improves the general SWAT 4 gameplay looking at weapons, equipment, and tactics of the real 22nd SAS Regiment. The improvements of games concern:

  • Revised AI of suspects and Teammates
  • New weapons and equipment (silenced guns, gas masks, helmet, googles, 3x Wedges etc)
  • Revised weapons names (factory names), texturing (with real features and colors), sounds (with real one), descriptions (with proper one)
  • Default game skins are now based on SAS model with specific models for blue and red one
  • New score system revised on the SAS style (no more penalities for killing uncomplied suspects and more edits)
  • No longer missing-guns bug. You are not forced to take up every weapon on floor and mission will auto finish once all tocs are done.
  • New in-game commands based on SAS experiences (ie. X-ray Spotted) and sounds (voices)
  • A new BS mode completely revised with more specific equipment available for SAS (stunt grenades available and more specific equipment) and Suspects (like frag grenades available and more specific equipments)
  • Fully realistic HUD with removal of magazine amounts and bullets remainings in each
  • Removal of weapons and equipment not proper of the SAS (taser, pepperball, spray etc)
  • Every development concernig the mod is done looking at the best realistic improvement.
File size: 
102 MB